Weavers' Nest

Eighty percent of a child's brain development occurs before they start school and, for many children, the most important years of schooling come before they can even read. Children who are part of a quality pre-school programme, taught by qualified teachers with a real passion and interest in their development, enjoy a flying start to learning and life.

Weavers’ Nest is Highbury’s co-educational pre-primary school. Your child is at the centre of everything we do and, through our pre-school programme, we want to inspire your child with a love of learning and give them a solid foundation for the years ahead. Dedicated teachers encourage a passion for discovery through play, in a nurturing environment for young girls and boys.


  • Christian morals and values
  • Respect for self, others and family
  • Trust
  • Acceptance of others
  • Respect for the environment

The Weavers’ Nest has four highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members, who fully understand the developmental norms of young children as well as how to care for their emotional needs. Teacher assistants and student teachers work alongside the teachers guiding the children through their daily routines. A full time nursing sister is on the Highbury estate.

We are building a new nest!

Weavers’ Nest is introducing a small playgroup class from January 2017 to cater for Grade 0000 (age 2, turning 3). This new playgroup will be part of Weavers’ Nest, using the same entrance/exit but will have its own separate classroom and a separate, enclosed play area. In this way, these very little children will feel safe and secure in their own space, specifically designed to meet their needs. Please contact us at for applications and information.



Maximum Numbers per class

New Jan 2017: 0000 (2 – 3 years old)

2 classes

16 - 18 to be confirmed

000 (3 - 4 years old)

2 classes

20 (approx. 10 boys and 10 girls)

00 (4 - 5 years old)

2 classes

20 (approx. 10 boys and 10 girls)

Daily Routine

Our girls and boys wear casual clothes and spend happy, busy mornings at school in their respective Grade 000 and 00 groups.The emphasis is on learning through constructive play and meaningful age-appropriate activities. The children engage in stimulating experiences to enhance the basic skills necessary for future learning. The school day begins at 08h00 (with early drop off from 7h20) and ends at 12h00.

We Offer

  • Fantasy Play – dress up days and domestic play, fantasy themes and baker day.
  • Creative activities – painting, woodwork and play dough.
  • Sensopathic Play – water troughs, sandpit and clay modelling.
  • Indoor Perceptual Motor Movement Room – ensuring the right kinetic development for your child.
  • Large/fine muscle activities – from climbing apparatus to puzzles and threading.
  • Music, movement, drama and dance, musical instruments.
  • Language development – story telling, rhymes and poems.
  • Perceptual skills – construction toys and sensory games.
  • A large garden, jungle gyms and swings.

Although we believe extra-mural activities should be kept to a minimum with such young children we do offer an optional extra-mural ball skill programme, ballet, tennis and swimming.


Aftercare is available until 17h30 at an additional cost which is charged on an hourly basis. Children are under the care of qualified caregivers and a cooked lunch is provided.

Please contact the Marketing Department for further information and to set up a morning tour.