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The core purpose of this Blog is to share our understanding of what ‘Knowing Boys’ means in the teaching and learning context at Highbury. Bianca in the marketing department usually writes the blog posts, typically based on talks with staff at Highbury, and with the intention to be both useful and inspiring to our parents.

Our blog also includes an Eco-Blog section, which tracks our progress and accomplishments as an Eco-School.

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Modern-day Parenting

Added on 25/10/2019

Mrs Kirsten Baldocchi, Clinical Psychologist, discusses the recent shifts in parenting.

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Boarding in the 60s - Memories from Peter Bolton (Class of 1968)

Added on 25/09/2019

"I will always say with a smile that my time as a boarder at Highbury were some of the...

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Growing a Growth Mindset - Michelle Jones

Added on 02/08/2019

Michelle Jones compares a Growth Mindset to gaming.

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Why Character is More Important Than Ability

Added on 02/08/2019

Tim Jarvis speaks about "No, your child is not gifted"

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Aspects of the Reggio Emilia Approach - Jill Sachs

Added on 02/08/2019

The Reggio Emilia approach has changed the way we think, teach and learn at Weavers' Nest

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Dear Books. Thanks for Everything. Love Me xx

Added on 01/08/2019

Lisa van Bronckhorst takes a trip down memory lane and reminisces about how books have changed her...

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Joseph McKenzie reflects on his Highbury days

Added on 11/03/2019

At our 2019 Open Day, Kearsney Prefect Joseph Mckenzie joined us as a guest speaker to describe how...

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Life in the Library

Added on 01/03/2019

Our librarian, Lisa van Bronkhorst, wrote a wonderful article for our 2018 School Magazine about...

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Boy-centric Creative Writing: C-POW!

Added on 21/11/2018

Boys are more than twice as likely as girls to say they hate writing. That's why Highbury is...

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What makes Grade R at Highbury unique?

Added on 24/05/2018

Grade R is Highbury's biggest point of entry - what a boycentric and fun year it is!

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Added on 23/10/2017


Written by Bianca Woolley; Photographs by Jacqui Maurice and Rogan Ward (scroll through gallery above for more images)

Highbury and Inchanga Primary School are excited to announce the start of a new twinning programme between the two schools. Highbury was introduced to Inchanga Primary earlier this year and the two schools have enjoyed a few interactions this year, such as the Mandela Day sandwiches and the Books to Africa donation. Last month, Roland Lacock, Highbury's Headmaster, spent time meeting with Mr Shau, Inchanga Primary's Headmaster and together these two educational leaders agreed to start on a journey together of exploring ways for the two schools to partner going forward. Mr Lacock and Mr Shau are both excited about learning from each other as leaders of two different types of schools.

Inchanga Primary, like Highbury, has a long and proud history. German settlers founded the school in 1820, and it has grown dramatically over the years, now educating over 1000 children from Grade R to Grade 7. Inchanga Primary was a Catholic school, sharing our Christian values, and it is quickly clear to see that it is a well-run school despite substantial challenges.

We visited Inchanga Primary on Friday 20th October, together with the team from the Futurelife Foundation, to hand over our donation of packets of soup for every child to take home (thank you, Highbury parents!), and beautiful, colourful Uzwelo backpacks full of stationery and books for each of the Grade 2 and 3 learners to use at school (thank you, Futurelife Foundation!). Julika Falconer, mom of Rasmus, a 2009 leaver and Stewart, currently in Grade 4, manages the Futurelife Foundation Trust which feeds approximately 200,000 meals per month at ECD Centres and Primary Schools including Inchanga Primary. The trust also raises money in Germany for much needed educational materials as stationary, books, school bags and playgrounds. It was Julika who introduced Highbury to Inchanga Primary and we are so grateful for her role in starting this new partnership. 

Inchanga Primary is a quintile 2, non-fee paying school and many of the children do not have access to regular meals at home, hence the importance of trying to feed them at school each day. Aside from their Futurelife breakfast, each of the over 1000 pupils also gets lunch at school - Friday's lunch of maize meal with maas was being proudly prepared as we visited. The Grade 1 classroom that I had an opportunity to visit had 45 children hard at work at their desks, doing maths. Their teacher had decorated the walls and despite it being different in so many ways from Highbury, it was clear that this classroom is a happy place of learning with a caring teacher.

Mr Shau, Inchanga's Headmaster, is very innovative in his thinking. The two oyster mushroom sheds yield a weekly income that is vital in sustaining the school. They have their own vegetable garden and a representative from Cedara Agricultural College teaches a group of children vegetable gardening as a skill, as well as being a source of food for school meals. Inchanga Primary is even on Instagram: follow them on inchanga_primary. 

The Inchanga/Highbury twinning vision goes beyond donations to making a difference in each of our educational programmes at a teacher level, and through facilitating meaningful and fun interactions between pupils. This is in keeping with Highbury's mission statement of responsible citizenship within the community, society, the environment and globally: we are excited to see what will come from this embryonic twinning relationship as it grows over time.