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The core purpose of this Blog is to share our understanding of what ‘Knowing Boys’ means in the teaching and learning context at Highbury. Bianca in the marketing department usually writes the blog posts, typically based on talks with staff at Highbury, and with the intention to be both useful and inspiring to our parents.

Our blog also includes an Eco-Blog section, which tracks our progress and accomplishments as an Eco-School.

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Joseph McKenzie reflects on his Highbury days

Added on 11/03/2019

At our 2019 Open Day, Kearsney Prefect Joseph Mckenzie joined us as a guest speaker to describe how...

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Life in the Library

Added on 01/03/2019

Our librarian, Lisa van Bronkhorst, wrote a wonderful article for our 2018 School Magazine about...

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Boy-centric Creative Writing: C-POW!

Added on 21/11/2018

Boys are more than twice as likely as girls to say they hate writing. That's why Highbury is...

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What makes Grade R at Highbury unique?

Added on 24/05/2018

Grade R is Highbury's biggest point of entry - what a boycentric and fun year it is!

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MySchool at Highbury: Motivating Boys to Help our Community

Added on 04/05/2018

Read about how your MySchool funds were used at Highbury over 2017 to help our community

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10 Traits of Highly Effective Families

Added on 27/02/2018

Our Highbury LAD Centre therapists share some parenting ideas and inspiration, based on a podcast...

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A Journey of Remembrance

Added on 09/11/2017

Highbury places memorial crosses at the graves of our Old Boys who gave their lives in World War 1

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Highbury has a new Twin!

Added on 23/10/2017

Highbury and Inchanga Primary School are excited to announce the start of a new twinning programme...

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Building Grit

Added on 06/10/2017

How to build resilience in your children when they are running on low

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Roland Lacock talks Parenting

Added on 04/09/2017

Roland shares seven observations about how parents can help their children, based on 20 years in...

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Added on 17/07/2017


Written by Bianca Woolley, based on discussions with Bruce Young and Rowena Sanders, Highbury’s Professional Tennis Coaches.

Meet Bruce Young and Rowena Sanders, owners of the ProTennis Academy at Highbury. My sons have been going to tennis lessons with them for the last year and it was not until I had this opportunity to interview them that I had any idea of the incredible calibre of coach they both are.

Bruce and Rowena have been coaching together for the past 30 years. They don't just run the ProTennis Academy at Highbury, they actually do the coaching themselves. In this way, they ensure that all the boys are being taught by the best, all the way from Grade 00 through to Elite Player Management.

Rowena is actually a fully qualified teacher and started coaching tennis at the age of 23 after playing International Tennis for four years. During this time, Rowena achieved a World Singles Ranking of #42. She played on Centre Court at Wimbledon against two of the greatest players of all time - Christine Marie Evert and Martina Navratilova, with Alison McDade, and also played in the US Open, French Open and in fact in all the Grand Slam Events. Rowena has not only played at the highest levels, but also coached at the highest levels, most notably as the South African Women's Fed Cup coach for seven years.

Bruce is playing tennis at the highest levels today and is currently ranked #1 and #2 in the world for Mixed Doubles by SATA and ITF World Tennis respectively in the Mens 45-50 age group. Bruce's professional tennis career included six years of coaching and playing German league tennis in Hamburg and he has personally coached International players at tournaments ranging from Wimbledon to ITF Tournaments in places like China, Japan, Hong Kong and Austria to name a few.

The ProTennis Academy has coached some top International tennis stars, including Wes Moodie who was a Wimbledon Doubles winner (2005), and Damon Kesaris who was #1 in SA U16/U18 and #85 in the World ITF rankings (2016).

When Bruce and Rowena look back over their years of coaching tennis at Highbury, they are especially proud of Highbury Old Boys like Chris Coetzee and Richard Ashforth who gained tennis scholarships for the USA, Shaun Leagas and Sean Coetzee who were top National and KZN players respectively, and Matt Ebden who is currently a professional tennis player in Australia. 

Tennis is a foundation for all other sports, as well as being a life sport, and we are privileged to have such outstanding and passionate tennis coaches right here at Highbury.