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The core purpose of this Blog is to share our understanding of what ‘Knowing Boys’ means in the teaching and learning context at Highbury. Bianca in the marketing department usually writes the blog posts, typically based on talks with staff at Highbury, and with the intention to be both useful and inspiring to our parents.

Our blog also includes an Eco-Blog section, which tracks our progress and accomplishments as an Eco-School.

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Joseph McKenzie reflects on his Highbury days

Added on 11/03/2019

At our 2019 Open Day, Kearsney Prefect Joseph Mckenzie joined us as a guest speaker to describe how...

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Life in the Library

Added on 01/03/2019

Our librarian, Lisa van Bronkhorst, wrote a wonderful article for our 2018 School Magazine about...

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Boy-centric Creative Writing: C-POW!

Added on 21/11/2018

Boys are more than twice as likely as girls to say they hate writing. That's why Highbury is...

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What makes Grade R at Highbury unique?

Added on 24/05/2018

Grade R is Highbury's biggest point of entry - what a boycentric and fun year it is!

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MySchool at Highbury: Motivating Boys to Help our Community

Added on 04/05/2018

Read about how your MySchool funds were used at Highbury over 2017 to help our community

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10 Traits of Highly Effective Families

Added on 27/02/2018

Our Highbury LAD Centre therapists share some parenting ideas and inspiration, based on a podcast...

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A Journey of Remembrance

Added on 09/11/2017

Highbury places memorial crosses at the graves of our Old Boys who gave their lives in World War 1

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Highbury has a new Twin!

Added on 23/10/2017

Highbury and Inchanga Primary School are excited to announce the start of a new twinning programme...

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Building Grit

Added on 06/10/2017

How to build resilience in your children when they are running on low

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Roland Lacock talks Parenting

Added on 04/09/2017

Roland shares seven observations about how parents can help their children, based on 20 years in...

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Added on 04/07/2017


Written by Louise MacLeod, our Head of Media Centre. Thank you Louise for all you have done to instill eco-values in our Highbury boys!

June is our Environmental Month, where we find time to address topical issues. Last year we worked on reducing our plastic bag usage, with teachers and boys making pledges.  Following a survey conducted this week amongst the boys, it would seem that 35% of our Highbury families are indeed making a concerted effort not to buy plastic bags from shops. Hopefully we are making a significant difference, however small, to the masses of plastic affecting and killing our precious creatures.

This year we are fighting a similar battle, 'Straw Wars'.  We are asking the Highbury community to join us in a global movement to eliminate plastic drinking straws from our landfills, our streams, our oceans and our beaches.  "The Last Plastic Straw" is a campaign to educate the public about the absurdity of single use plastic, its effects on our health, our environment and our oceans. We are asking you to request, "No straw please," when purchasing/ordering beverages at restaurants or takeaways and to suggest to management that they only provide straws on patrons' requests. We need to have a voice and spread the word, in order to save those who have no voice. 

Our Gr 1-3 boys were tasked to design and create art pieces using straws and other recycled materials - which were combined to make this magnificent display - raising awareness to 'Help Save Our Oceans'.