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Community Projects

Our external outreach programmes are in keeping with Highbury’s mission statement of responsible citizenship within the community, society, the environment and globally. Each Grade at Highbury partners with a specific charity organization so that through their Highbury years all of our boys have an opportunity to understand and help a variety of causes. During the four school terms the boys have opportunities through which they can draw close to, support or interact with others within the wider Upper Highway community. The ultimate intention is to provide experiences through which meaningful learning can take place as the boys reach out to others less fortunate than themselves.

From 2017 each Grade will support the following initiatives:

  • Grade R - Animal Anti Cruelty League
  • Grade 1 - Future Star Care Centre
  • Grade 2 - Fulton School for the Deaf
  • Grade 3 - Hillcrest Home for the Aged
  • Grade 4 - Robinhood
  • Grade 5 - SPCA
  • Grade 6 - Giba Gorge Conservancy
  • Grade 7 - The Ark

The following organizations, schools or groups were also blessed by Highbury in 2016:

  • Bibles Beyond Borders
  • CHOC
  • CROW – Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife
  • East Coast Radio Water Drive
  • Ethelbert Children's Home
  • Ingane Yami Children's Village
  • Ikhethelo Primary School
  • Ndlokolo Primary School
  • Supporting Amanzi, The Adopted Wattled Crane
  • Wildlands Conservation Trust