Bursary Opportunity

We will be offering a limited number of bursaries for the upcoming year for certain grades. We invite you to apply for the opportunity to be awarded a bursary should you meet the criteria below.

A Foundation to Future Success!

At Highbury, a well-balanced, boy-centric education has proven to be beneficial to your son’s future.

Highbury Preparatory School is offering a limited number of bursaries for each Grade. We invite you for an opportunity to be awarded a bursary for partial tuition fee remission (25% to 50%) which will continue throughout your son’s time at Highbury until the end of Grade 7.

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How does partial fee
remission work?

Example: If your son is in Grade 3 in 2023 and is offered a bursary to join Highbury from Grade 4 in 2024, you would pay reduced school fees within the range of 25% to 50% reduction. This percentage reduction would apply consistently every year until the end of Grade 7 for your son.

    Fees per year – usually paid in equal installments over 11 months
GRADE 5 R122 560 R85 899 R57 266
GRADE 6 R122 560 R85 899 R57 266
GRADE 7 R129 480 R90 762 R60 508

*Annual inflation-based fee increase is excluded from this calculation

A non-refundable acceptance Fee (R12,500- reduced by the same percentage as the fee remission percentage offered i.e. between R5,500 and R8,250) is payable in advance when final confirmation of entry is requested by the Headmaster and must accompany the official acceptance form. This fee is a joining fee and helps fund bursaries and special capital projects.

What are the other costs to budget for?

Highbury fees are as inclusive as possible, with most stationery included as well as all teas and lunches from Grade 3 to 7 (no more lunch boxes, Mum!), all outings except for the Grade 7 excursion, and most cultural group activities included.

Highbury has three other compulsory fees each year (which are subject to annual inflation-based fee increase):

Other costs to budget for when joining Highbury are an iPad for your son, and school uniforms. For a detailed schedule of what is included versus excluded, please refer to the 2023 General Information document which you can request via email to MARKETING@HPS.CO.ZA.

Criteria for eligibility for a Highbury Bursary

The Application Process

Looking for more information?


Contact or call 031 765 9800 and ask for Nomfundo Ndumndum.