Knowing Boys. Since 1903.

“Boys will be boys,” they say.
We say “Boys will be extraordinary”.

We challenge our boys to explore what is right, what is wrong, and how they can strive to be their best selves. We help them discover who they are and how they can become the remarkable men they are destined to be.

Jamais Arriere

Highbury is where we discover exceptional potential. We are a school where you can laugh while you learn. We encourage engagement, ignite creativity and provide a helping hand for boldly breaking through challenges with courage and confidence.
Not only do our boys say “I can” and “I will”, they believe they can and they will. A growth mindset means they learn the power of adding the word “yet” when they talk about things they can’t do.

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Why choose Highbury?

We honour tradition and inspire excellence. We believe in dirty feet and happy hearts. We are home to boys who are kind, curious and capable. We are home to boys who will change the world by being supportive husbands, loving fathers and conscious global citizens. Our boys make the world a better place in ways both big and small.

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