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What does it mean to be a Highbury boy? To be barefooted and happy, exploring learning, discovering talents and building lifetime friendships.

About us

For over a century, Highbury has known and grown boys. Highbury has remained true to its founding principles: each boy is treated as an individual in the firm belief that he has the potential for excellence waiting to be unearthed. Our boys are bright, interesting and full of boundless enthusiasm for the opportunities around them.

Established in 1903, Highbury is one of South Africa’s oldest independent primary schools. Our history is the kind that inspires bold ideals for the future. We are proud of our long and successful heritage and we delight in those traditions. We are inspired by tradition, but not constrained by it.


In looking for a school, every parent seeks – in addition to high academic standards and a vibrant programme of activities – a place where their son can belong. At Highbury, academic excellence is achieved when boys and teachers share a love of learning. Extending beyond the curriculum, we explore each subject in richness and depth, taught in a way that helps boys thrive. The same dedication is also brought to music, sports and the arts.

Highbury’s success is rooted in our enthusiastic and expert staff who are wholly committed to bringing out the best in boys. Our uniquely supportive environment ensures that, by the time they leave school, our boys are intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent thinkers, eager to engage with the world around them.

We are specialists in boys’ education and endeavour to produce open-minded, confident and well-rounded young men. Although educating young boys is a great responsibility that we take very seriously, we never forget that our school should also be a place of laughter and fun and we encourage our boys to maintain a healthy sense of perspective.

Through teaching of the highest calibre, Highbury boys are encouraged to think for themselves, challenge conventional orthodoxies and pursue their own enthusiasms. Talent is only the starting point as we encourage them to achieve their full potential and treat any set-backs with a growth mindset. The promotion of well-being, care for each other and resilience lies at the core of our school. Our boys know they have a voice that is listened to by teachers, friends and classmates alike.

So what makes Highbury different? It’s a combination of things – our small classes, our relentless focus on every student as an individual, and the fact that we understand boys and know how to bring out the best in them.

Highbury is a remarkable school, where your son will make lifelong friends whilst gaining a world-class education.

We are certainly proud to say “We Know Boys”.

Our Motto

Highbury’s motto is ‘Jamais Arriere’ which means ‘Never Behind’.

Our Mission

Highbury is a boys’ Christian preparatory school, which offers all-round, relevant and dynamic education within a caring environment. Boys are equipped with the values, skills and knowledge to deal with the demands of a changing and challenging world.

Our Core Values

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