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Essential Qualities of a Highbury boy

Once a Highbury boy, always a Highbury boy. We are extremely proud of the calibre of our Grade 7 leavers.

At the end of each year, our Grade 7s leave Highbury having carved out a special place in so many hearts and having created so many happy childhood memories. While each boy is unique, there are certainly commonalities that each boy has experienced throughout his journey at Highbury.

Our Grade 7 leavers know themselves. Self-awareness is not innate; it’s a skill that needs to be nurtured and developed. Boys that are self-aware understand how their actions are perceived by others, know when to engage their strengths, when to pull back and bravely face areas in which they need improvement. Real leadership later in life depends on people having an accurate understanding of themselves and at Highbury, we are intentional in teaching self-awareness.

Our Grade 7 boys have experienced being mentors to younger boys. Through our Kool-To-Care programme, they have built supportive and fun relationships with boys from all of the other Grades in the school. They have led their Kool-to-Care group activities and broadened their awareness of other boys, opening up their circle of friends. They have experienced how being kind to their younger KTC ‘buddies’ feels and they have learned to encourage, care for and learn from one another. 

Our Grade 7 boys have grit.

We continually present our boys with challenges – whether it is taking part in a termly beginner music concert, a public speaking competition or running over 30km on sandy roads to raise money for rhinos (and there are hundreds more). Boys thrive when challenged but also surrounded by love and support. Boys need to develop grit and tenacity though real life situations, to make mistakes and learn for themselves that failure is not the end but rather opens a new door. Boys must learn that success is earned through hard work and determination – it requires perspiration. So it is through challenges that we educate boys to be self-disciplined, to be willing to get out of their comfort zones and to be courageous. In order to do this, boys need to be able to draw on reserves to enable them to keep going. Having a meaningful spiritual life, a foundation of Biblical values and a reverential awe of God are key components to building up this reserve in each boy.

At the end of Grade 7, every Highbury boy takes with him the self-awareness he needs to build on his strengths and improve on his weaknesses, the ability to build positive relationships with a variety of people and the perseverance to face life’s challenges.

We are proud of our Grade 7s who leave Highbury with a strong foundation in the essential qualities they need to succeed in high school, in their careers, in their relationships and in life.


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