Remedial and Learner Support

At Highbury, we enable boys who have barriers to learning to realise their potential through short-term remediation and a wide range of therapies.

Our Learner Support Centre

Highbury is privileged to be able to offer a short-term remedial facility for Grade 1 to 4 to those boys who need consistent academic support. Boys benefit from remedially qualified teachers as their Class teacher.  Learner Support Class teachers work in parallel to the grade team to cover the same curriculum, working through a boys’ strengths to address his areas of difficulty.

In this way, boys who need remedial teaching can remain part of the Highbury family, experiencing friendships, sport and cultural activities with their peers, while receiving full-time remediation. After Grade 4, step down classes of remediation are offered in English and Maths to support the boys in their integration into mainstream classes. We are also able to meet our boys’ needs on site, with professionals coming in to offer their expertise in our LAD centre (Learning and Discovery Centre).

Learner Support Centre (LSC)

Highbury’s Learner Support Centre gives boys with learning difficulties the tools they need to navigate their own way to success. It is a safe and happy place, where boys are free to make mistakes, ask for help, learn how they learn best and as a result, reach their true potential.

What do we offer:

Learning and Discovery Centre (LAD)

This is a dedicated Centre for the support and enrichment of our pupils, situated on the Highbury grounds. Boys are able to have therapies scheduled during the school day at carefully planned times. Close communication between teacher, therapist and parents is a priority. Boys love coming to the colourful, inviting LAD centre to spend time with therapists who are caring professionals, dedicated to making a positive impact on young lives.


Therapies available include:

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