Our Teachers

Positive and supportive teacher-boy relationships are the cornerstone of all learning. Our teachers are our biggest asset.

Our Teachers

Our teachers at Highbury are our biggest asset. A child’s journey through school is massively influenced by their teachers and we cannot overstate the importance of having incredible teachers. We are blessed that, as a non-profit organisation and a private school, Highbury is able to have total control over our teacher selection and the necessary budgets to be able to recruit and retain the best.

We hire experienced teachers because we believe that it takes experience to be able to bring out the best in boys. Our current 40 teaching staff have a combined total of over 700 years teaching experience – and counting! Quality male primary school teachers are a scarce resource in South Africa and yet vital role-models for boys at a Senior Primary level. More than a third of our Senior Primary class teachers are male, with male specialist teachers in both music and sport.

Our teachers know and understand boys. Every new teacher joins an induction programme at Highbury and is partnered with experienced teacher mentors who share Highbury’s learnings on how to harness the energy of boys and optimise teaching themes and methodologies. A group of Highbury teachers attend the International Boys’ School Coalition conferences each year and bring back the latest insights and learnings to share with our whole teaching staff.

Ultimately, relationship is what underpins learning and teaching. Positive and supportive teacher-boy relationships are the foundation of all learning and it is beautiful to see the way teachers and boys become etched on one another’s hearts over their time at Highbury.

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