Book a Tour

We encourage you to book a tour to experience all that Highbury can offer your son. Choose to tour in-person or virtually.

Experience our School

The best way to experience all that Highbury has to offer is to book a private tour. You will be able to see happy, confident boys enjoying all the opportunities that our school offers, see our incredible teachers in action and enjoy the beauty of the Highbury estate.

Choose your Tour

There are two different ways to tour Highbury:

1. A private tour of Highbury

You are welcome to book a private tour of our school. Tours take place on weekday mornings between 08h00 and 12h00. It is best to allow an hour as there is a lot to see and it is lovely to have time to chat to teachers and boys along the way.

2. A virtual tour of Highbury

Welcome to Highbury Preparatory School’s virtual tour. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of our estate, as well as exploring key venues in 360 degrees. Experience our school from the comfort of your own home.

Book a Tour (basic)

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