Old Boys

Being a Highbury Old Boy means sharing memories of special moments, teachers and lessons that shaped your life.

Like those that went before you; you and your generation made your mark on our schools and our communities. Keeping your school memories alive is as important to us as it is to you. Because your recollections and achievements inspire those that follow in your footsteps.

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The Highburian

Founded in 1903 Highbury is the oldest school in the Upper Highway area, to celebrate and preserve this unique history ‘The Highburian’ Museum was officially opened on 11th November 2015, by Iain McMillan, great grandson of the founding family. The idea for the museum started when a group of Senior Primary moms discovered a treasure trove of old photographs and memorabilia in a store room.


Two of these moms, Sandy Woods and Amanda McVeigh, decided to take on the project of creating a Highbury museum as they were passionate about bringing the school’s history to life. The pair motivated for funds from the Parents’ Association, secured the space (the old Uniform Shop) and carefully curated the exhibit. We warmly invite Old Boys’ who are interested in viewing this fascinating space to email to book a tour of the Museum. The Marketing office is open from 07h30 to 16h00 during term time.

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