Aftercare & Extra-Murals

Highbury strives to ensure that boys who can only be collected from school later in the afternoon are happy, stimulated and cared for.

More and more families are dual income, sometimes with both parents working long hours. Highbury strives to offer an outstanding Aftercare and Extra-mural programme to ensure that boys who can only be collected from school later in the afternoon, are happy, stimulated and cared for.


Grade R-3 boys can attend Aftercare on a daily or casual basis. Our Aftercare facility is a dedicated, separate space with caring and enthusiastic staff. There is a large well-equipped playground, a covered verandah and two large indoor playrooms. Boys arrive at different times, depending on their Grade finishing times as well as any extra-murals they may attend before going to Aftercare. When they arrive at Aftercare, they are given a hot cooked lunch (see Dining Room for an example weekly meal planner). Boys who are still at Aftercare at 15h00 can do their homework, supervised by our staff. We do encourage parents to still do reading at home with their sons, as this is important 1-on-1 time. Aftercare closes at 17h30.

Senior Primary boys spend busy afternoons filled with sport and cultural activities. ‘Prep’ is held in the Dining Room immediately after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and this is a chance for boys to do their homework, supervised by Grade-specific teachers. After Prep, boys have sport practices twice a week as well as matches on Wednesdays. Senior Primary boys who are waiting for their parents to collect them can spend time in our Library/Media Centre until 16h00 and also have the freedom to entertain themselves outdoors, playing on a field or our outdoor chess board with friends.


Highbury offers a wide variety of paid extra-mural activities. Boys in Grade R-2 have shorter days and fewer compulsory school activities after school, therefore allowing them time to take part in extra-murals like:

From Grade 3, boys are occupied with compulsory sport two afternoons per week, as well as sports matches and cultural activities on other afternoons, therefore not easily having time for paid extra-murals.

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